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At Mantra Filtration Products, we are experts specializing in caring for the environment. Our motto is “ProvidingEfficient Dust Collection Solutions for a Cleaner Environment!” to accelerate the momentum of achieving clean working environment. Mantra Filtration Products has the unique value proposition of customizing the solution, which leads to effective implementation of our services. We are sure that with this approach, we will be able to offer you a very high degree of reliability, availability and service delight. Our determination to lead rather than follow is one reason behind our vertically-integrated manufacturing process. Our emphasis on innovation and engineering expertise has helped us develop world-class filtration systems. The reason we do all this is simple –so that our customers can achieve the highest levels of product quality. With a wide-variety of particulates collected and the unique operating conditions for the various collection systems in use today, selecting the right replacements for your situation is especially significant to your operation. Our aim is to provide a high level of technical service and expertise in supporting our customers reduce total operating costs. Mantra Filtration Products combines the strengths of world class suppliers with our application expertise to provide you with cost effective filtration solutions. Mantra Filtration Products provides a careful analysis of your current operating parameters and complete bag filter diagnostic testing to help improve your baghouse and dust collector performance and efficiency. We are also able to offer a wide range of high quality alternative filter elements which meet or exceed the original OEM specification. Whether providing the dust collector only, or a complete "turn-key" system including discharge equipment, ductwork, compressed air, and installation MANTRA FILTRATION PRODUCTS’s expertise ensures that every customer receives the best system at the most competitive price. We thank all our valued customers for their continuous support and appreciation which reflects in our commitment to offer a better service always. Contact MANTRA FILTRATION PRODUCTS for all your industrial air filter cleaning needs. We would welcome any comments you may have about our site. Thank you for your interest in our company.
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